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Plus ça change? Brexit and the flaws of the delegated legislation system

Joe Tomlinson and Alexandra Sinclair

The UK’s withdrawal from the European Union led to a tsunami of delegated legislation, provoking a re-examination of long-held anxieties about the role of delegated legislation in the contemporary constitution. In this report, we provide an account of Brexit delegated legislation from the 2016 referendum until Exit Day, arguing that, while the system as a…

13 Oct 2020

Reports and reviews

Digital Only Status

Download the report here.…

Reports and reviews

Improving Exceptional Case Funding

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Reports and reviews

Impact Report 2017-2019

Read about what PLP does, how we do it, and the impact we have made in the last three years. The Impact Report 2017-2019 has the facts, figures, case studies and testimonials to give you an insight into our work, across all our five focus areas. This three year report was published on PLP’s 30th anniversary fundraising…

5 Mar 2020

Reports and reviews

Supporting systems changers through the use of collaborative legal approaches

Dr Jacqui Kinghan and Professor Lisa Vanhala

This report identifies key lessons from the first two years of a strategic partnership between the Public Law Project (PLP) and the Lankelly Chase Foundation. Established in 2017, the aim of the partnership is to bring PLP’s legal expertise to bear in support of the systems-change strategies of a group of Lankelly Chase’s partner organisations.…

14 Feb 2020

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PLP’s Submission to the Post-Implementation Review of LASPOA 2012

Public Law Project

This is a comprehensive response drawing on PLP’s Legal Aid Support Project covering five years of casework, litigation, research, training and policy work. PLP’s submission to the LASPO Post implementation review…

27 Sep 2018

Reports and reviews

PLP Impact Report and Five Year Review 2012 to 2016


The report uses illustrative case studies and data analysis to summarise and explain:

PLP’s Legal Aid Support Project (LASP); Casework in welfare benefits , community care , and the Special Immigration and Appeal’s Commission (SIAC); PLP’s Justice First Fellows; Research and policy work; Training , conferences , resources , guides and publications … and the PLP community!

The report finishes with a summary of our recent strategic review and its results;

a re-articulation of our vision , mission and priorities more suited to current challenges.mission and priorities.…

13 Apr 2017

Reports and reviews

The Equalities Duties: An Update

David Wolfe QC

This paper looks at how the equalities duties have been used in key cases. It also looks at the Equality Act 2010 and its ‘drawing together’ of previous legislation.…

4 May 2011

Reports and reviews

Public Law Project 10th Anniversary Report


This is the Public Law Project’s 10th anniversary report.…

10 Jul 2000

Reports and reviews

PLP Review and Impact Report 2006-2011

Introductions from Sir Henry Brooke and Stephen Cragg QC

Review of all departments work between 2006 – 2011…

26 Jul 2011

Reports and reviews

Seeking the statistical data that the legal aid proposals are said to be based on

Clare Jennings , The Public Law Project

The Public Law Project has written to the Ministry of Justice seeking the statistical data that the legal aid proposals are said to be based on (June 2013).…

29 May 2013

Reports and reviews

The Public Law Project 1990 – 2005

PLP - Forward by Lord Justice Brooke , Introduction by Kate Marcus

Brochure and report covering the activities of the first 15 Years of the Public Law Project…

26 Jul 2005