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How Lords can mitigate the Rwanda Bill’s impact

As the Rwanda Bill enters Committee Stage in the House of Lords, there are still ways to remove its worst elements

15 Feb 2024

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Rwanda bill incompatible with human rights, says joint committee

The Joint Committee of Human Rights has found that no amendments would make the Rwanda Bill compatible with human rights

13 Feb 2024

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Peers told Rwanda Bill is ‘deeply harmful’

A joint statement over 250 civil societies on why the Safety of Rwanda Bill endangers human rights and the British constitution

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Why Lords should decline the Rwanda Bill’s Second Reading

Why peers should treat the dangerous Safety of Rwanda Bill as a threat to the UK constitution and human rights

26 Jan 2024

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House of Lords Committee: new Rwanda Treaty shouldn’t be ratified

In a submission to the International Agreements Committee, PLP argues that the new Rwanda treaty still risks human rights abuses

22 Jan 2024

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