How can Government avoid the next Horizon scandal?

As the Government expands use of AI and automation, how can they prevent widespread miscarriage of justice?

2023: The Good, the Bad, and the Hope

CEO Shameem Ahmad offers her thoughts on PLP's work in 2023 and the opportunities ahead in 2024

Why the new Rwanda treaty is still a risky bet

New Rwanda asylum treaty doesn't adequately deal with the Supreme Court's judgement about concerns over safety

Pain without gain: increasing conditionality in the UK

In the Autumn Statement, the Government promised to strengthen use of benefit sanctions, despite them being proven harmful and ineffective

The legal periscope: using public law research and casework for the public good

How legal researchers and caseworkers can tackle lack of government transparency with the 'periscope' method

Audience at York PLP event

Should legal research be community-led?

PLP and the University of York’s joint event in May explored how legal researchers can influence law, policy, and practice

Policeman watching the Bibby Stockholm barge

A fairer alternative to the Illegal Migration Bill

One of the most damaging Bills in recent memory has passed. Here’s what the government could have done instead

How not to be the face of an AI catastrophe

How the lack of transparency around the Government's use of AI places them at risk of repeating serious mistakes made by other governments

How the Illegal Migration Bill threatens our constitution

The Bill threatens British constitutional principles and puts the most vulnerable people at risk

My life as a legal aid lawyer – and why I decided to leave

One lawyer's experiences of the crisis in immigration and asylum legal aid

Five problems with the Spring Budget and Health and Disability White Paper

Proposals facilitate the extension of a punitive conditionality system in the benefit sanctions regime

Stifled in the cradle: Commons treaty scrutiny delivered a new blow

Why government's plan to abolish the Commons International Trade Committee is a retrograde step

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