What we do

PLP is committed to promoting progressive reforms to judicial review and wider constitutional reforms. Legislative and policy reforms pursued by the current Government risk seriously undermining the mechanisms by which marginalised groups can challenge public bodies.

We continue to focus on the development and dissemination of accessible research and evidence-based storytelling to counter inaccurate and harmful narratives that seek to limit government accountability.

Our main goals in this area are:

  • Greater engagement in and clarity on the meaning and significance of constitutional reform among key audiences
  • Improvement in the debate around mechanisms of legal and political scrutiny
  • Government accountability mechanisms are improved (or at least maintained)

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Treaty scrutiny system isn’t enough, says committee
News & Updates

Treaty scrutiny system isn’t enough, says committee

A new report from the Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Select Committee (PACAC) calls for greater scrutiny of treaties

Scottish Human Rights Bill – PLP responds
Policy briefings and submissions

Scottish Human Rights Bill – PLP responds

In our response to the Scottish Government’s Human Rights Act consultation, PLP celebrates a progressive attitude to human rights law

Online Judicial Review Academy

Online Judicial Review Academy

26 February 2024 – 29 February 2024 @ 12:00 am – A complete online course, run in short (1hour +) sessions on Zoom, over 4 days (26-29 February). All sessions are recorded for delegates to access after the training concludes. This course is presented in partnership with 39 Essex Chambers. Who should attend: Junior and trainee lawyers, advisers, advocates and anyone likely to be involved in […]