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Treaty scrutiny system isn’t enough, says committee

A new report from the Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Select Committee (PACAC) calls for greater scrutiny of treaties

31 Jan 2024

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Scottish Human Rights Bill – PLP responds

In our response to the Scottish Government’s Human Rights Act consultation, PLP celebrates a progressive attitude to human rights law

20 Oct 2023

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Home Secretary challenged over game-changing attempt to make new protest laws

Why PLP is supporting Liberty’s case against the Home Secretary over anti-protest legislature that was previously rejected by Parliament

5 Oct 2023

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Home Secretary signs new Immigration Act provisions into effect: What do they mean?

What do the Home Secretary’s new powers mean and how will they further endanger asylum seekers affected by the Illegal Migration Act?

14 Sep 2023


The legal periscope: using public law research and casework for the public good

How legal researchers and caseworkers can tackle lack of government transparency with the ‘periscope’ method

12 Sep 2023

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