The court has found that two pre-settled status holders are eligible for homelessness assistance, following successful interventions where PLP acted for the3million.

When a Slovakian citizen with pre-settled status found himself unable to work due to health problems, Islington Council denied him homelessness support. Oldham Council also denied vital assistance to a family member of an EU citizen with pre-settled status.

Now both of these pre-settled status holders have been found by the courts to be eligible for homelessness assistance. The judges in both appeals relied on arguments put forward by the3million in reaching their conclusions.

Importantly, the judge in Hynek v Islington agreed with the3million’s argument that pre-settled status holders should have access to public funds on the same basis as British citizens, because they enjoy Withdrawal Agreement equal treatment rights.

These judgments may help other pre-settled status holders gain access to public funds when they need them, including vital homelessness support.

We’re proud to have acted for the3million, with Tom Royston at Garden Court North Chambers and Charles Bishop at Landmark Chambers, on these important interventions.

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