PLP will be hosting events on Zoom. We understand there are concerns about Zoom, privacy and data, however, Zoom is a really effective environment to host meetings and seminars and we need to be practical and accessible.  We will do what we reasonably can as hosts, such as turning off tracking and the “attention tracking” feature in our settings, to limit Zoom’s data harvesting as far as we can. However, we do appreciate that there are limits to what we can do as some features are inherent in Zoom. We are working with AWO, a leading technology legal consultancy, offering their services pro bono to PLP to ensure we are doing what we can.  Zoom are also responding to concerns raised by organisations and have been updating their policies, procedures and technology, most recently addressing these issues in a bog post here.

You can read Zoom’s privacy statement here and their data processing addendum, here.

IIf you are still concerned about privacy, you can take the following steps to protect yourself even further.

If you are still concerned about Zoom and privacy you can take the following precautions:

Do not install the Zoom application (nor any addons / plugins to web browser). 

Avoid using the service on professional devices (as far as possible)

Join the meeting via the web browser version

Try to use a privacy protecting browser, such as Brave or Mozilla’s firefox).

Avoid turning on the camera if possible (and turn the camera off if you are not talking).