Here, we set out the latest information on the law applicable to EU nationals residing in the UK, or who arrive in the UK, after the end of the Brexit transition period. The position is stated on the basis of the law and the stated intentions of the Government as at 29 July 2021.

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Key updates include:

  • The six month grace period granted for applications to the EU Settlement Scheme has come to an end. Late applications can still be made after 30 June 2021 by eligible individuals who have ‘reasonable grounds’ for missing the deadline, but such applicants will lack a right to reside in the UK between 1 July 2021 and the date on which their late application is determined. Individuals who are waiting for the outcome of an application that was submitted before 30 June 2021 retain their residence rights until they receive a decision.
  • The CJEU has given judgement in CG v the Department for Communities in Northern Ireland in which it has ruled that the exclusion of pre-settled status from a qualifying right to reside for benefits purposes did not amount to discrimination on the grounds of nationality. The quashing of the relevant regulations by the Court of Appeal has been stayed pending determination of Fratila by the Supreme Court.
  • The Protocol on Social Security Co-ordination to the EU-UK Agreement has taken effect. Individuals who move between the UK and the EU retain their entitlement to certain benefits, and cross-border workers are required to make contributions in only one State.