Evidence for the Commission on Justice in Wales

on digitalisation and justice in Wales.

This is one of three submissions made by PLP to the Commission on Justice in Wales.

The others concern judicial review in Wales, and the Effects of LASPO on civil legal aid in Wales.

From the the report:

Digitalisation in the context of justice is a vast topic and my evidence will therefore address three core points that, I would suggest, are worthwhile for the Commission to take account of. They are: (a) the nature of digitalisation in the justice context; (b) the experience with the digitalisation of tribunals under the ongoing HMCTS reform programme, in order to provide an example of some of the key issues arising in government-led digitalisation reforms; and (c) the possible benefits and disadvantages that digitalisation presents in Wales in particular. In covering this territory, my hope is to stimulate thinking about the broad ways in which digitalisation can be used appropriately within the justice system of Wales.