A large coalition of organisations working across human rights, migrant justice, asylum, modern slavery, healthcare and many more civil society sectors in the UK have collectively contributed analysis and recommendations to provide this single joint briefing on the Illegal Migration Bill.

Collectively, we oppose the Bill in its entirety.

Read our second reading House of Lords briefing

This Bill is, in effect, a refugee ban. A prohibition on the world’s most persecuted people seeking safety in the UK. The Bill denies protection to victims of modern slavery and human trafficking and punishes children simply because their parents decided to flee persecution. The Bill does all this while granting arbitrary powers of indefinite detention to the Home Secretary which hollow out fundamental common law principles and creating rushed and ineffective legal proceedings which deny the cherished right to a fair hearing.  

Read our briefing for the second reading of the Illegal Migration Bill in the House of Lords and find out why so many civil society organisations are saying the Bill should be stopped.