digital courts

In January 2019, the Justice Committee launched an inquiry into the access to justice implications of the programme of reforms underway in Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunals Service (HMCTS), including the increasing use of digital and video technology and the closures of courts and tribunal hearing centres. Below is PLP’s submission to this inquiry.

PLP will support policy which increases the accountability of public decision-makers, enhances the quality of public decision-making, and improves access to justice. PLP believes that the introduction of online procedures may meet these aims if implemented well but, crucially, the impact of any reforms need to be fully understood before changes are made.

PLP’s submission concludes:

The court reform programme must be founded on a proper understanding of the paramount importance of fairness, and of the relationship between access to justice and the rule of law.

PLP submission to the Justice Committee inquiry on the access to justice impacts of court and tribunal reforms 2019