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PLP is now providing direct public law advice and support in Wales.

We have been running a public law conference in Wales for over a decade and working with the legal community in Wales throughout this time. We’ve been told that focused public law advice and assistance is needed.  We now have a dedicated PLP Wales Lawyer and dedicated resource to helping individuals and organisations in Wales.

Could we support you and your organisation?

Since the start of 2021 PLP has been meeting with a number of NGOs supporting people in Wales who are either vulnerable or experience disadvantage.

There is clear scope to make more use of public law remedies (e.g. judicial review) in Wales. We have a lot of experience in using judicial review to improve the lives of vulnerable and disadvantaged people. Particularly in areas relating to welfare benefits, social care, education, and asylum support.

How we work – casework and training

We have already assisted a number of individuals living in Wales to challenge decisions of local authorities and the Home Office and are keen to help others. For example, individual cases have related to homelessness policies and community care issues. In many of the individual cases we have assisted, thankfully sending a pre-action letter to the public body in question has resulted in a positive outcome for our clients without the need to proceed to litigation.

We are also open to working with organisations looking at systemic unfairness. One example is our work with Cardiff-based NGO, Asylum Justice, in relation to challenges against the use of army barracks in Pembrokeshire to accommodate asylum seekers. Read this short blog by trainee Solicitor Hannah Moxsom to find out more.

In addition to case work, we deliver webinars and training to Wales based NGOs on judicial review and how a public law approach can assist their beneficiaries.

Get in touch

Matthew Court is PLP’s Wales lawyer. He is based in Cardiff and is keen to make contact with individuals who need help or Wales-based NGO’s and practitioners to support their work and uphold the rights of the people they care about. Get in touch with Matthew.