PLP Impact Report 2017 – 2019

Take a look at the facts, figures, case studies and testimonials from PLP’s work between 2017-19 to give you an insight into our work across all five focus areas.

“If there is one lesson to draw from the last three years, and indeed from the last 30, it is that none of what we do can be accomplished alone. All that has been achieved is thanks to collaboration with our funders, partners and clients, and to the dedication of our volunteers and staff.”

Jo Hickman, Director

PLP Impact Report and Five Year Review 2012 – 2016

The report uses illustrative case studies and data analysis to summarise and explain:

  • PLP’s Legal Aid Support Project (LASP)
  • Casework in welfare benefits , community care , and the Special Immigration and Appeal’s Commission (SIAC)
  • PLP’s Justice First Fellows
  • Research and policy work
  • Training, conferences, resources, guides and publications

The report finishes with a summary of our recent strategic review and its results; a re-articulation of our vision , mission and priorities more suited to current challenges.




PLP Review and Impact Report 2006 – 2011

From 2006 – 2001, a look at PLP’s:

  • Casework and case studies
  • Policy work and interventions
  • Conferences and training
  • Research





The Public Law Project 1990 – 2005

This report looks at PLP’s first 15 years:

  • Early steps: identifying the problems, and moving on: tackling the problems
  • Casework
  • Policy and research
  • Training and conferences
  • Publications