COVID-19: Guidance on ‘paper determinations’ ruled ‘unlawful’

Blog post: Jo Hynes, Research Fellow, Public Law Project The Administrative Court recently ruled in favour of the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants (JCWI), in a case challenging a Covid-related Guidance Note as ultra vires. PLP provided a witness statement in support of the claimant. Read: The Law Society Gazette: President’s guidance for…

2 Dec 2020


More domestic violence survivors to access legal aid

PLP’s client ‘Claire’, a single parent and domestic abuse survivor, has overturned rules that prevented her from accessing legal aid. PLP lawyer Daniel Rourke has said that the High Court ruling of 24 November will improve access to justice for more survivors of domestic violence who are in poverty. The Legal Aid Agency (LAA) claimed…

25 Nov 2020


Analysis: Governments cannot ignore risk of algorithmic discrimination

Writing in the Oxford University Commonwealth Law Journal, PLP researchers Dr Joe Tomlinson and Jack Maxwell say the trend is that courts expect governments to take responsibility for identifying algorithmic discrimination, not the general public. Read: Proving algorithmic discrimination in government decision-making Public bodies in the United Kingdom increasingly are using algorithms and big data…

28 Oct 2020


Medical Justice ‘no notice’ removals: Judgment handed down

The Court of Appeal today ruled in favour of Medical Justice in their challenge to the Home Office Judicial Review and Injunctions policy, also known as the ‘removal notice window’ policy. Background to today’s Judgment In 2019, Medical Justice applied for judicial review of the Home Office’s Judicial Review and Injunctions policy. This policy provided…

21 Oct 2020


PLP’s submission to the Independent Review of Administrative Law

PLP has published its response to the call for evidence issued by the Independent Review of Administrative Law. READ PLP’s submission to the Independent Review of Administrative Law READ PLP’s statement outlining constraints which mean the Review cannot provide a sound basis for reform of judicial review Our submission asserts that reform of judicial review…

20 Oct 2020