Responding to the publication of the Nationality and Borders Bill, Joe Tomlinson, Research Director at Public Law Project said:

“We will continue to look closely at the detail of this Bill, but what is clear is that it will limit opportunities for independent review of the Home Office’s decision-making. This Bill will tilt the board in the Home Office’s favour, often to the disadvantage of people it has an obligation to protect. The Home Office is engineering processes to get the desired result, rather than putting basic fairness first.

“This ultimately comes down to the Home Office being willing to take the risk of putting very vulnerable people in harm’s way. When unlawful decisions are made by the Home Office, such as removing people to hostile regimes, people have ended up imprisoned, tortured and killed. The human cost of these errors is extremely high.

“A judicial system which ensures scrutiny and fairness is one of which we can be proud. Getting it right can sometimes take a little more time – that is what it means to live in a democratic society governed by the rule of law, where the government is accountable.”