A new podcast by the Public Law Project (PLP) uncovers what happens when the British state acts unlawfully, the impact on people who are marginalised, and how we can achieve a fairer society where power is held to account.

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With guests including Professor Joe Tomlinson from the University of York, and Gracie Mae Bradley, Director at Friends of the Earth, Scotland, the first series of People. Law. Power. delves into the use of automation by Government to make decisions about people’s lives: from A-level results to benefit fraud detection; and policing to visa applications, Government’s use of algorithms and automated decision making systems is on the rise. 

The podcast asks

  • How forthcoming is Government being about this powerful use of technology?  
  • How good are automated decisions, and what happens when they go wrong? 
  • And what does this mean for people who are already marginalised in society? 

Shameem Ahmad, Chief Executive Officer at Public Law Project said: 

“The use of automation across the public sector is increasing at tremendous pace and without Government leading a meaningful public debate in respect of it. As matters stand, we cannot be sure if automated decisions are being reached fairly, lawfully, and without discrimination. This podcast explores the core issues: how can this technology be applied fairly and in a way that does not have a disproportionate impact on those already marginalised in society?

“Listen and arm yourself with the knowledge you need to join us in holding Government to account. We must ensure the use of automation abides by the fundamentals of public law: fairness and transparency.”