PLP is delighted to announce that Shameem Ahmad will be our new CEO, starting in January 2023.

Shameem takes over from Jo Hickman who is stepping down in December 2022 after 13 years at PLP, including seven years as Director.

Shameem said:

“I am honoured to be joining and leading an organisation that I have long admired, and to work with such an accomplished and dedicated team. 
“The choices the state makes can have a profound impact on human dignity. It is with that understanding that PLP strives for a world where the state acts fairly and lawfully. 
“In an era of escalating attacks on basic democratic standards, PLP’s vision feels more ambitious and vital than ever before. In the coming months, we will face a legislative assault on our rights and our ability to hold the state to account. Recent immigration reforms are putting lives at risk and make the system more hazardous to navigate. Across swathes of the country, access to justice is non-existent. Fundamental state decision making processes are being blithely handed over to opaque algorithms. Against the backdrop of the cost of living crisis, benefit sanctions are at record highs, which will leave individuals and families across the UK facing a winter of unimaginable decisions. 
“It’s a difficult time to be standing up for democracy, the rule of law and access to justice. However, working with many inspiring organisations and individuals, I believe that PLP will meet this moment head on. We will work hard to reinstate and fight for the principles that underpin a healthy and fair society. In all that it does, PLP’s team will ensure its unwavering commitment to those marginalised in society for whom we hold PLP’s privilege on trust.”

PLP’s Chair Elizabeth Prochaska said:

“We are very excited to appoint Shameem as PLP’s new CEO. She will bring immense expertise and insight to the organisation, building on Jo’s outstanding legacy and tackling the challenges ahead with great energy and commitment.” 

PLP’s outgoing Director Jo Hickman said: 

“It’s been a pleasure and privilege to lead PLP to this point and to be able to handover to someone as plainly brilliant as Shameem. PLP has big work to do in the years ahead and it has a great team to do it.” 

About Shameem:

Shameem joins PLP from the Black Equity Organisation (BEO), a new charity she helped set up to tackle systemic racism. She is Director of Advocacy, leading the research, strategic litigation, and policy arm of the organisation.

After training at Herbert Smith Freehills, Shameem went on to be Senior Associate and Solicitor Advocate in the public law team before leaving to work at BEO full-time. Shameem has also worked in the legal team at Liberty and as an advisor at the Treasury.