Public Law Project joins longstanding calls on the UK Government to work towards effecting an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, securing the immediate release of hostages and allowing the entry of adequate humanitarian aid into Gaza. We stand in solidarity with organisations and individuals at the forefront of ensuring that dignity and safety prevail for all facing conflict.  

At a time when we are standing up for the importance of the international rules-based order through, for instance, our work advocating against the UK Government’s Rwanda policy, we are acutely aware of the ongoing and undue political pressure faced by international courts seeking to uphold the rule of law. The rule of law is sacrosanct and protecting it has been a longstanding objective of Public Law Project.  

We welcome the UK recently expressing its full support for the International Criminal Court and confirming that the Court must be allowed to carry out work without intimidation. We call on the UK government, present and future, to do what it can – consistently and to the fullest degree – to protect the international rules-based order and enable human rights to be protected everywhere. We express our support for institutions and individuals seeking to safeguard the rule of law abroad and hold those in power to account.  

Public Law Project was founded to ensure that public law principles, including the rule of law and human rights, are protected and advanced through the prism of the experiences of those most marginalised in society, because we believe that strengthens society as a whole.  

To those people who have been displaced, it remains Public Law Project’s priority to safeguard a fair and humane immigration system in the UK, should you choose to seek refuge in this country.

Note: Public Law Project’s board and executive reviewed the organisation’s position on this issue over the course of the past few weeks and we thank members of staff and stakeholders who contributed to that thinking. This is a complex and fast-moving situation. Therefore, Public Law Project will not regularly provide statements on this issue.