Public Law Project and Liberty have briefed parliamentarians ahead of the Second Reading of the EU (Withdrawal Agreement) Bill tomorrow in the House of Commons.

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We highlight four areas of concern and make ten recommendations. The four areas of concern are:

  1. Unjustifiably broad delegated powers;
  2. Appeal rights for EU Settlement Scheme (‘EUSS’) decisions;
  3. The powers of the Independent Monitoring Authority (‘IMA’); and
  4. Power to make regulations in connection with judicial review.

This briefing has been prepared on the basis of the Bill as laid before the last Parliament. We understand from media reports this week that the Bill is likely to be reintroduced with some amendments. This briefing does not attempt to address those amendments as the amended Bill has not yet been published.

PLP and Liberty take no position on the UK’s decision to leave the EU. Rather, our work on Brexit seeks to promote Parliamentary sovereignty, ensure that the executive is held to account, and protect the interests of disadvantaged groups.