Benefit Sanctions: A Presumption of Guilt

Caroline Selman

New report finds lack of trust at heart of system

20 Jul 2022


Trapped capital still barrier to legal aid, research shows

Dr. Emma Marshall and Daniel Rourke

Why more must be done to make legal aid accessible

26 Apr 2022


Experiments in Automating Immigration Systems: a discussion

Tatiana Kazim

Expert insights on how to ensure automated decision making operates fairly

10 Mar 2022


Against Persons Unknown

Jacqueline Kinghan and Lisa Vanhala

How a self-organised group from Hull fought for justice

10 Nov 2021


Analysis: Government must disclose its decision-making models

Jack Maxwell and Dr Joe Tomlinson

Read PLP researchers Jack Maxwell and Dr Joe Tomlinson writing in the Judicial Review journal on the importance of the Government disclosing the technical models behind its decision-making

13 Apr 2021


Experiencing Asylum Appeals

Overwhelming, disorientating and confusing: 34 ways to improve access to justice at the first-tier tribunal

17 Dec 2020

digital courts

Proving algorithmic discrimination in government decision-making

Jack Maxwell and Dr Joe Tomlinson

PLP researchers Dr Joe Tomlinson and Jack Maxwell in the Oxford University Commonwealth Law Journal on why Governments must not ignore the risk of algorithmic discrimination

28 Oct 2020


Plus ça change? Brexit and the flaws of the delegated legislation system

Alexandra Sinclair and Dr Joe Tomlinson

The UK’s withdrawal from the European Union led to a tsunami of delegated legislation, provoking a re-examination of long-held anxieties about the role of delegated legislation in the contemporary constitution. In this report, we provide an account of Brexit delegated legislation from the 2016 referendum until Exit Day, arguing that, while the system as a

13 Oct 2020


Digital Immigration Status: A Monitoring Framework

Dr Joe Tomlinson and Alice Welsh

This report scrutinises the Home Office’s case for the transition to digital-only immigration status, drawing on the prominent recent example of the EU Settlement Scheme. We warn that digital-only status is risky and call on the Home Office not to rule out bringing in a paper-based back-up. Based on our analysis of the tradeoffs involved,

1 Oct 2020


Improving Exceptional Case Funding

Emma Marshall

This briefing provides an update to Public Law Project’s earlier report, Improving Exceptional Case Funding: Providers’ Perspectives, which was published in January 2020 just before the COVID-19 pandemic.

1 Oct 2020

digital courts

Online Immigration Appeals: A Case Study of the First-tier Tribunal

Jo Hynes, Dr Joe Tomlinson, Emma Marshall, Jack Maxwell, Maria Wardale and Cecilia Correale

This report examines the transition to using the online procedure to manage appeals in the First-tier Tribunal (Immigration and Asylum Chamber).

26 Aug 2020


Judicial Review during COVID-19

Joe Tomlinson, Jo Hynes, Emma Marshall and Jack Maxwell

The arrival of the coronavirus in the UK caused a dramatic shift from conventional justice processes to remote hearings in a matter of days. In this report, our Research Team documents the first set of empirical findings concerning remote justice in the Administrative Court during the COVID-19 pandemic.

20 Apr 2020