By Public Demand!  Inquiries , Investigations and the Law
Reading and watching list

There was so much in the way of interesting material referenced in our ‘By Public Demand! Inquiries , Investigations and the Law’ conference on 21st April that we asked contributors to recommend a reading list.  Please note that these are NOT recommendations or endorsements from PLP , but from contributors to our conference.  Please do not see our links to online retailers as recommendations – they are just convenient links.  Please do use the book / DVD / subscription retailers that you are happy to use!

Adam Straw and Martin Smith both recommend Sir Robert Owen’s report into Litvinenko Inquiry:

Henrietta Hill QC recommends these on the Orgreave Campaign:
Granville Williams’ book on the media and the miner’s strike , Shafted

& And this book on undercover policing

Alan Brecknell at Pat Finucane Centre would like to recommend Anne Cadwallader’s book , Lethal Allies , British Collusion in Ireland’. It can be purchased by accessing their web-site ( , if the book is purchased through their web-site they get half the purchase price if it is purchased elsewhere they only get £1.

John Halford’s recommended reading on Batang Kali is:

and this blog

Mandie Lavin , CEO of CILEX and Board Member of the Patient’s association , wanted to recommend this short film about the patient’s association’s work: