Responding to a recent call for evidence by the Work and Pensions Committee as part of their inquiry into the assessment processes for health-related benefits, PLP draws on the DWP’s Green Paper reforms to set out how the system can be improved to ensure disabled people get the social security they need.

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Our recommendations include:

  • That the approach and process applied to finalising medical assessment reports must be reviewed by DWP as a matter of urgency, and that any revisions to reports should be accompanied by clear and transparent explanations as to why the change was made.
  • The introduction of a clear timeline to lengthy mandatory reconsideration (MR) processes to avoid additional stress and anxiety.
  • That claimants be given sufficient time to gather supporting evidence and submit their MR application.
  • That the DWP sets out how it intends to monitor compliance with the revised guidance on lapsed appeals, which were introduced earlier this year in response to a case brought by PLP’s client “K”. Lapsed appeals refer to cases where new evidence or information becomes available after an appeal has been lodged, but before it is heard at Tribunal.