Drawing on a recent discussion to launch Experiments in Automating Immigration Systems by Jack Maxwell and Dr Joe Tomlinson, Research Fellow Tatiana Kazim unpacks the opportunities and risks of the increased use of algorithms in public decision making.

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How can we ensure automated decision making operates free from discrimination? And is it possible to make algorithmic technologies compatible with the nature of our democracy?

These were just some of the questions the panel of public law and technology experts explored on 27 January 2022, which included:

  • Charlotte Kilroy QC, Blackstone Chambers (chair)
  • Book authors, Jack Maxwell and Dr Joe Tomlinson.
  • Tatiana Kazim, Research Fellow at Public Law Project
  • Dr Brendan McGurk, barrister, Monckton Chambers
  • Divij Joshi, doctoral researcher at University College London

Bringing each speaker’s insights together in a new report, Tatiana Kazim unpacks the key arguments from a rich discussion covering:

  • Automation bias and how even simple automation can be seriously flawed
  • Individualised risk profiles and lessons from the insurance sector
  • The limits of reforming ‘racist’ technologies.

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