PLP’s work is more vital than ever. Rights are under threat, state accountability is undermined, parliamentary process is being by-passed, and access to the courts is increasingly restricted.

PLP’s strategy to 2025

Our 2022-25 strategy sets out how we are working towards our vision of a world where the state acts fairly and lawfully, and shares our objectives for anti-discrimination.

To meet the challenges we face, we have set goals across five priority areas:

Priority 1. A constitution that promotes accountability

The Executive is taking control over huge swathes of domestic legislation, undermining the role of Parliament, and threatening our rights.

Priority 2: Government use of new technologies is transparent and fair

There is ever greater use of machine learning by key Government departments but little sign of improved transparency or accountability.

Priority 3: A fair and humane immigration system

Asylum seekers and migrants face the full force of the New Plan for Immigration and a broken system of legal aid.

Priority 4: A just and non-discriminatory welfare system

Amid the cost of living crisis the Government is ramping up the use and threat of benefit sanctions

Priority 5: An effective and accessible legal aid scheme

Access to the courts remains restricted, legal aid remains underfunded and the sustainability of sector is under threat.


Our strategy explicitly sets out internal and external anti-discrimination objectives. These are:

  1. Identify and challenge discriminatory impact in priority areas and amplify the voices of marginalised communities in the legal policy space
  2. Promote better understanding, and use of, discrimination arguments in public law
  3. Consider and mitigate equality impacts of our work and decision-making
  4. Increase diversity and inclusivity within PLP
  5. Further open and share our events and training platform

Read on for more on our anti-discrimination objectives, our mission and values, and internal priorities.

PLP’s strategy to 2025