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School meals: Welsh government admits failing to follow law

The High Court has declared that the Welsh Government’s decision to stop Free School Meals in the holidays last year was taken unlawfully

1 Mar 2024

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DWP needs to assess bias in its automated systems, says committee

Our concerns over the DWP’s use of automation were raised by the Public Accounts Committee – here’s why the DWP’s response isn’t enough

13 Dec 2023


Pain without gain: increasing conditionality in the UK

In the Autumn Statement, the Government promised to strengthen use of benefit sanctions, despite them being proven harmful and ineffective

24 Nov 2023

Policy briefings and submissions

How can the Department of Work and Pensions operate more transparently, lawfully, and fairly?

PLP looks at the human impact of DWP decisions: what’s the real cost of conditionality, automation, or overpayment recovery?

17 Nov 2023

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Court of Appeal dismisses DWP’s appeal in favour of disabled woman’s widower

How the Court of Appeals handed down judgment on the DWP’s appeal over bereavement pay in favour of our client

18 Oct 2023

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