Victory for campaign groups as MOJ changes legal aid evidence requirements for survivors of domestic violence

We are delighted to see that the Government has brought in changes to the evidence requirements for legal aid for family cases so as to remove the time limit on evidence, and to include statements from domestic violence organisations.…

24 Feb 2017


Home Office disclosure reveals efforts to reduce the numbers of Eritrean nationals granted asylum, with serious consequences for Eritrean unaccompanied minors in France.

Under the Freedom of Information Act, PLP, acting on behalf of an individual, has obtained information from the Home Office which reveals that a visit by its officials to Eritrea in December 2014 was made with the specific objective of securing a reduction in the grant rate of Eritrean asylum claims, which at the time was over 85%.…

23 Jan 2017


Bach Commission on Access to Justice publishes interim report

The Bach Commission on Access to Justice has today published its interim report into legal aid. PLP submitted evidence to the Commission, which has found that individuals are being denied access to justice and that LASPO has produced a “crisis in the justice system”. The report identifies a number of factors that have contributed to this, including the failings of the exceptional funding scheme and the gateway telephone service.…

25 Nov 2016


PLP raises concerns on disregard scheme for historic consensual gay sex offences

PLP is concerned about the accessibility of the Home Office disregard scheme and appeal process, which does not appear to be meeting its intended aim of allowing the thousands of men in this situation get convictions removed from their records.…

20 Oct 2016


Legal Aid Agency to clarify remit of ‘embarrassment clause’

The Legal Aid Agency has this week conceded that it must not ‘seek to rely on the clause to stifle criticism of, or challenges to, the Legal Aid Agency, the Lord Chancellor, or wider government.’…

18 Oct 2016

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