One step towards fairer decision making after Brexit

The Home Secretary has agreed to make key changes to the settled status scheme to make it fairer, following a legal claim by our clients, the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants (JCWI). During the litigation, the Home Secretary has adopted many of JCWI’s requests to make sure that the rules for settled status…

1 Mar 2019


PLP’s proposed amendment to Immigration Bill

PLP’s proposed amendment to the Immigration Bill has now been laid before the Public Bill Committee. The full text of the Bill can be read here. The proposed amendment to the Immigration and Social Security Co-ordination Bill would make provision for appeals to the First-tier Tribunal against decisions made under the EU Settlement Scheme. The text…

21 Feb 2019


SI’s replacing proportionate, effective and dissuasive penalty schemes in EU law

Today PLP and 12 other civil society organisations have sent a letter to Stephen Barclay, the Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union, drawing attention to the fact that the requirement for effective, proportionate and dissuasive penalty schemes in retained EU law is being removed by Statutory Instruments (“SIs”) being made under the EU…

20 Feb 2019


Brexit, Immigration and Administrative Justice Project

This new project investigates the administrative justice issues arising from the changes to UK immigration law and policy as a result of Brexit. The project focuses on the Scheme being implemented by the Home Office to replace the rights of residence currently enjoyed by EU citizens and their family members under the free movement arrangements.…

23 Jan 2019


PLP launches its latest project in response to Brexit: The SIFT Project

Today, PLP launches one of its key projects in light of Brexit; the SIFT Project.  SIFT stands for Statutory Instruments: Filtering and Tracking and the goal of the SIFT Project is to scrutinise the Statutory Instruments created to facilitate Brexit to check they conform to public law standards and do not undermine fundamental rights. There…

10 Jan 2019