Quick and Uneasy Justice

PLP has now finished phase one of its settled status research project. The first phase of research aimed to model how the scheme is designed, and to provide a detailed analysis of its possible strengths and weaknesses. The findings of this first phase of research are written up in a report by PLP’s Research Director…

16 Jul 2019


Access to judicial review: FOI request reveals gap in Ministry records

A Freedom of Information request by Public Law Project has revealed that the Government lost or disposed of the only record of a meeting between its lawyers and Sir Rupert Jackson at which they discussed costs measures designed to improve access to judicial review. The FOI request was submitted by PLP’s Research Director Joe Tomlinson…

15 Jul 2019


Home Office told to clear names of men convicted for historic gay sex offences

In the run up to this year’s London Pride, Public Law Project (PLP) renewed calls on the Home Secretary to clear the names of men convicted for the historic gay sex offence of ‘importuning’. In a letter to the Home Office on behalf of veteran gay rights campaigner Terry Stewart, PLP has demanded that the…

8 Jul 2019


The cost of access to justice

Is the Government serious about access to justice? A new blog by PLP’s Deputy Legal Director Sara Lomri explains why access to judicial review is for most people now a distant reality and why the latest costs consultation suggests that the Government is ignoring the financial obstacles that prevent people from challenging unlawful decision-making. She…

20 Jun 2019


Final hearing – Home Office removal notice window

The final hearing took place in the High Court this week (18 June) to determine the lawfulness of the Home Office Removal Notice Window (RNW) policy. The court suspended the ‘no-warning’ practice in March this year following a challenge by Medical Justice amid fears that migrants were being denied a fair chance to put their…

18 Jun 2019