‘Tsunami’ of EU withdrawal laws ‘rubber stamped’: Latest PLP research

The process of leaving the EU has laid bare serious deficiencies in the UK’s system of law making, according to a report by the Public Law Project. READ: Plus ça change: Brexit and the flaws of delegated legislation system By Alexandra Sinclair and Dr Joe Tomlinson, Public Law Project The authors show that the UK’s withdrawal…

13 Oct 2020


Legal Aid for SEND representation: An emerging trend?

Latest ECF grant for SEND On 2 October 2020, the Legal Aid Agency (LAA) granted Exceptional Case Funding (ECF) for representation in the Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) Tribunal. The grant was made to a client of Linda Ewen, Supervising Solicitor in the education law team at GT Stewart Solicitors & Advocates, for representation…

9 Oct 2020


New report echoes concerns over digital support for online court users

Key concerns raised by PLP about digital support for those using online court services have been echoed by a recent report into the pilot assisted digital support service. The Good Things Foundation report published at the end of September found that those who provide the support service experience difficulties in separating legal advice from technical…

8 Oct 2020


5 Oct 2020


EUSS ‘digital-only’ system creates real risk of harm: PLP report

The Public Law Project has warned that millions of EU citizens with settled status may face discrimination and other problems when looking for jobs and somewhere to live from June 2021 as they will have no physical or paper-based proof of their right to work and live in the UK. Read: Digital Immigration Status: A…

1 Oct 2020