PLP Publishes its response to the Government’s latest judicial review reform proposals.

The Public Law Project has published its full response to the Government consultation ‘Judicial Review: Proposals for further reform’.…

1 Nov 2013


The latest statistical assertion made by the MoJ, regarding growth in judicial review claims, questioned by PLP.

On 29 October, the policy team at the Ministry of Justice held a web chat offering an opportunity to comment and ask questions on a proposed package of reforms governing the process of judicial review. Richard Mason, Deputy Director – Administrative and Civil Justice, claimed “… There’s actually been a 27% increase in non-immigration and asylum cases – from around 2,300 in 2007 to around 3,000 in 2012…”

30 Oct 2013


UK Constitutional Law Group blog: How many JR’s are too many?

Varda Bondy and Maurice Sunkin: How Many JRs are too many? An evidence based response to ‘Judicial Review: Proposals for Further Reform’…

26 Oct 2013


Friends of the Earth ask everyone to stand up for JR

The charity is running a campaign ‘Stand up for your right to challenge the Government’…

25 Oct 2013


Public Law Project gives oral evidence to the JCHR

Wednesday 23 October PLP’s Martha Spurrier gave evidence and answered questions on the Government’s exceptional funding regime. This was part of the Joint Committee on Human Rights enquiry into the implications for access to justice of the Government’s proposals to reform Legal Aid,…

23 Oct 2013