Date for next DDPO meeting

Topic: Using the law to tackle Disability Hate Crime
Speakers: Sarah Ricca – lawyer from Deighton Pierce Glynn, Dale Simon – Head of public accountability and inclusion at the Crown Prosecution Service and Ruth Bashall – disability hate crime campaigner
When:Tuesday 10 September from 5.30 for 6pm – 8pm

Venue: SCOPE, 6 Market Road, London N7 9PW

15 Aug 2013


Judicial Review Journal special free edition online

Hart Publishing have decided to make the special issue of the journal freely available online – the issue deals with responses to the government’s lgeal aid reforms…

14 Aug 2013


The exceptional funding regime is not working

The Public Law Project looks at the latest statistics on exceptional funding from the Legal Aid Agency, which show that the scheme is not fit for purpose and does not provide a safeguard for access to justice.…

15 Jun 2013


Government’s legal aid proposals unlawful, says legal expert

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5 Jun 2013


A three judge court rules that the Work Capability Assessment discriminates against claimants with a mental health disability

Today at the Royal Courts of Justice, a three judge panel of the Upper Tribunal has ruled that the Work Capability Assessment substantially disadvantages claimants with mental health problems, because the system is designed to deal with a high volume of claimants who can accurately report the way in which their disability affects their fitness to work.…

22 May 2013