The Commission on Justice in Wales has today published Justice in Wales for the People of Wales, a review of how the justice system operates in Wales and recommendations for its future.

The Public Law Project submitted three reports to the Commission:

Director of the Public Law Project Jo Hickman said:

“This thorough and thoughtful analysis from the Commission puts the people of Wales at the centre of the discussion about the impact of justice reforms and a vision for the future.

“In highlighting the disproportionate impact of the legal aid cuts made by central Government and the effect of advice deserts in rural communities, the Commission’s work is a reality check on how reforms have affected access to justice and the rule of law in Wales.

“The report also raises important questions about the distribution and adequacy of funding. As we noted in our submissions, legal aid spending and the number of firms providing legal aid in Wales have fallen disproportionately compared with England, and there are significant advice deserts in large areas of Wales.

“The report observes that legal challenges to decisions made by Welsh public authorities should be heard in Wales and notes that the proportion of such cases currently heard there is low.  PLP agrees that the administration of justice should be properly connected to the communities it serves.

“PLP is grateful to have had the opportunity to contribute to the work of the Commission on Justice in Wales. We hope that the Commission’s report pushes all of these issues higher up the agenda and leads to the development of thorough, evidence-based justice policy. Ultimately, people should have access to justice and the protection of the rule of law wherever they live.”


About the Public Law Project

  1. PLP was set up to ensure those marginalised through poverty, discrimination or disadvantage have access to public law remedies and can hold the state to account.
  2. Our vision is a world in which individual rights are respected and public bodies act fairly and lawfully. 
  3. Our mission is to improve public decision making and facilitate access to justice.
  4. Our priorities are to:
    • Promote and preserve the Rule of Law
    • Ensure fair systems
    • Improve access to justice

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