In a detailed response to the government’s Human Rights Act consultation, PLP sets out how the proposed reforms will undermine the remedies for enforcing individual rights and limit government accountability.

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Alongside analysis of specific proposals, as set out in the response, our chief concerns with the overall nature of the consultation include:

  • That it bears little – if any – to the expert-led Independent Human Rights Act Review
  • The distinct and concerning lack of evidence for several of the most radical suggestions
  • The contradictions inherent in the reforms: the government claims to want to increase the protection given to freedom of expression but simultaneously adopts proposals which would systemically undermine and weaken the principal remedies for enforcing rights.
  • That critical issues requiring serious thought appear to have been subject to either no thought or arbitrary exclusion.

We urge the government to reconsider the consultation to ensure individual rights are protected and that the remedies which enforce those rights are accessible to all.

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