Do you know someone who could not access immigration and asylum legal aid, even though they are eligible for it?

If the answer is ‘yes’, you could support PLP’s legal challenge over the crisis in legal aid by sharing your case studies and evidence.

We have produced a template guide that can be used to provide evidence, together with a note on the types of problems that people may face if they cannot access legal advice and assistance.

Share your evidence and help widen access to legal aid now.

How to provide case studies

  • Please send your evidence to:
  • Please be aware that any information you provide may be used as evidence in legal proceedings or in future policy work by PLP or our partners. Please only provide information that you are happy to be used in this manner and please be mindful of client confidentiality.
  • We are happy to answer any questions or concerns about how the data will be used, or to arrange a follow up call.
  • The call for evidence will remain open for as long as necessary to gather relevant evidence and we will update our website when this call for evidence is closed.

What is happening with PLP’s legal challenge?

  • On 8 September 2023, PLP took the first step in bringing legal proceedings against the Lord Chancellor, arguing that he is in breach of his constitutional duty to make legal aid available for immigration and asylum issues.
  • The Lord Chancellor has indicated that he will respond to PLP’s pre-action letter by October 20.
  • PLP will carefully consider the Lord Chancellor’s response when it arrives. Meanwhile, we are gathering further evidence so that judicial review proceedings can be issued in the High Court promptly if the response is inadequate.

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