The Legal Aid review has landed: What does it mean?

The Ministry of Justice has responded to the Legal Aid means test review. Here is today’s analysis from PLP.

Joint civil society statement on the Illegal Migration Bill

Joint civil society statement on the Illegal Migration Bill.

Cardiff Council to change policy on prosecuting rogue landlords

A High Court declaration has underlined that Cardiff Council must consider prosecuting landlords suspected of unlawfully evicting their tenants, and that not doing so at all over the last 10 years amounted to a “systemic failure”

Illegal Migration Bill – Statement from our CEO

Why we’re calling on the Bill to be scrapped

Legal action launched over sham marriage screening algorithm

Public Law Project has initiated a legal challenge over a secretive and potentially discriminatory algorithm used by the Home Office to target people for ‘sham marriage’ investigations.

Machine learning used to stop Universal Credit payments

DWP trialling machine learning algorithm to detect fraud in benefit claims

Welcome Ariane Adam, PLP’s new Legal Director

We are delighted to announce the appointment of Ariane Adam as PLP’s new Legal Director.

Fond farewell & exciting opportunity

We are bidding farewell to Alison Pickup and Joe Tomlinson

Accountability undermined: Judicial Review and Courts Bill

Why the Bill will weaken, not reinforce Government accountability

DWP to stop ‘cold-calling’ disabled people to make low benefit ‘offers’

In response to a legal challenge by Public Law Project’s client, the Department of Work and Pensions has agreed to change its practice

Nationality and Borders Bill should put fairness first

Read our briefing to find out how and why we the Bill must be changed to ensure basic fairness

Smoke from industrial action in the environment

Environment Bill briefing: Flawed enforcement and toothless remedies

How will the Bill inadequately protect the rule of law and fail to secure adequate environmental protection? Read our take